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Extracurricular Activities

Stevenson Science Olympiad Team                        9/2021 – present

10 hours/week; 30 weeks/year

  • Senior Board Member.

  • Studied various topics such as Astronomy, Ornithology, Geology, Forestry, Climate Change and Remote Sensing to then take tests on with a partner.

  • Applied critical thinking and physics principles to engineer designs for “build” events such as Bridge and Scrambler which required operation of tools such as soldering irons, circular saws, nail drills and 3D printers.

  • Have medalled over 20 times at regional, state and national scale competitions.

  • Guided underclassmen in their studying and administered practice assessments to assign relevant supplementary content.

Earth Science Club                                                 12/2022 – present

7 hours/week; 33 weeks/year projected

  • Co-Founder and Co-President.

  • Teach students about various fields of earth science including geology, meteorology, oceanography and astronomy.

  • Recently acquired an old weather machine which we’ll be learning to operate and hope to use to provide students with our very own weather forecasts.

Stevenson Green Team                                            8/2022 – present

3 hours/week; 35 weeks/year projected

  • President.

  • Promote environmental consciousness and aim to reduce schoolwide waste production.

  • Created several daily announcement videos and a successful social media campaign to advocate use of reusable cutlery.

  • Successfully designed and sold 100 reusable cups at the school's coffee shops to limit waste and reinvested profits back into the club. 

  • Currently in talks with school administration to switch out current disposable cutlery with biodegradable alternatives.

  • Assisting in the compilation and development of a club wide report of our positive environmental impact to be submitted to the Green Team Path to Zero competition.

  • Placed 1st regionally in Green Team sponsored Envirothon, a competition that assesses knowledge of Forestry, Aquatics, Wildlife, Soil and Climate Change. 

Stevenson Class of 2025 Board                              1/2022 – present

4 hours/week; 35 weeks/ year                  

  • Elected Vice President.

  • Coordinate decoration and preparation for school events through instruction.

  • Organized a charity allied soccer event called “Allies for Allied” for disabled Stevenson students.

  • Helped eliminate waste from decorations by creating an initiative to use reusable decorations 

Organization For Autism Research                         2/2023 – present

3 hours/week; 40 weeks/year projected

  • Co-Founder of Lincolnshire Chapter and Director of Outreach.

  • Help garner funds and spread awareness for autism research through restaurant charity nights, bake sales and various other events.

Stevenson FBLA Club                                              9/2021 – present

3 hours/week; 35 weeks/year

  • Gave a presentation based on researched content relevant to my event’s prompt at the regional, state and national level.

  • In 2022 won 1st in the event Business Ethics at the Illinois state championship and placed 6th nationally.

Stevenson KEY Club                                                  8/2021 – 5/2021

2 hours/week; 35 weeks/year

  • Completed various community service activities for local non-profits.

  • Wrote cards for veterans and hospitalized children.

  • Bagged necessities for the homeless in Chicago.

  • Led food drives for local pantries.

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences  5/2022 – present

2 hours/week; 35 weeks/year 

  • Review research papers, attend seminars and vote in elections as a general INFORMS member.

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